Saturday, January 02, 2016

Let's talk Methylation and Plexus X-Factor

Certified health coach Jill Werness explains why Americans are methyl depleted and unable to adapt to stress. Listen and learn what proper methylation means for emotional, physical, and chemical stress. 

Plexus XFactor, the only fully methylated multi-vitamin that also contains aloe, is a game-changer, helping reduce inflammation, delivering detoxification on a cellular level, aiding the methylation process so you can get back to being your best you.

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Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year! The Winner is......

The winner of the 2016 GET FIT Give-Away is.......Laura Hovorka! Thanks everyone for joining in give-away this month!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2016 GET FIT GIVE-AWAY! I want to help you make your 2016 weight loss resolutions happen! I'll be giving away a bottle of our raved about Probio5 OR Block, January 1st to help you get started!

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The 2016 Get-Fit Give-Away ends Dec 31st. The winner will be announced Jan. 1st.
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Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Plexus Pink Friday Starts Today!

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Plexus Worldwide® Pink Friday Has Arrived! Plexus Worldwide is turning Black Friday Pink all weekend long with 10% off all orders!! And don't forget that free shipping still applies!
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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

OurBucks, Prosumerism and Retail Estate

Originally published 9/27/07

One of the things that I have done as a stay-at-home daughter, is learn a little about business (and marketing, while helping my father who directs and controls online shopping with his Internet based and managed distribution company.

For us this has meant integrating the family business into our home-making and hospitality. How did we do that? Buy coupling two important business principles: Prosumerism and Retail Estate.

Prosumerism is the principle of being a producer and consumer at the same time.

Most people are consumers but are not producers. All of their money goes toward consumption.
While they may think that they are producing at their jobs, in actuality they are not. Instead they trade their time for money, bring the money home, spend it on consumer products, and when all is said and done all they have produced is a bag of trash to be hauled out to the street. There is nothing left over.

Saving is not producing. Consumers think that when they buy at a discount they are getting ahead by saving money. Are they? Where is the saved money? What they are actually doing is just spending. They are stretching their dollars as far as they will go, but there is still only one end result, spent money.

Consumer minded shoppers choose to let their time be consumed also. They clip and cut coupons & drive from store to store (at 2.89 a gallon) shopping sales. In the end they have less time to go along with their spent money. Consumer thinking spends money (and time).

By definition producers have time and/or money left over after time and money is invested in a project. The leftover time and/or money is invested back into the project and then produces more. See the cycle? Producer thinking invests money (and time).

So what is a Prosumer? Prosumers make money while they spend their consumer dollars.
Prosumerism is the answer for those on a tight budget that would like to make more money but haven't any investment capital. Prosumers spend wisely and differently. They get paid for buying smarter not cheaper.

This is where Retail Estate comes in. There are many things that we buy at various retail establishments. Whether we purchase items on sale or not, we still purchase them and store owners keep the difference between wholesale and retail. In other words, they profit.

When a prosumer invests in retail estate he converts expenses to income by keeping profits, similarly to the conventional business owner, which he used to leave behind at a retail establishment. The profit ends up in his own pocket, and the profits now stay in his household budget. How can this be done?

Let me show you one way we do it.

Around here many of us refer to Starbucks as Fourbucks. Why? Because that is what it costs for a cup of fluff-puff coffee at a Starbucks retail establishment. Yesterday, I opened a coffee shop right in our own kitchen. Mom cleverly named it Ourbucks. Why? From here on out, rather than spend four bucks at Starbucks, the buck stops at Ourbucks. First we have made ourselves the middlemen by buying coffee at wholesale from a manufacturer that pays us a rebate on the volume of product we buy. Then I use that coffee to make our fluff-puff drinks at home. We pay Ourbucks what we used to pay Starbucks and the retail profit stays in the family business.

But you're just paying yourself?!? Don't forget volume bonuses mentioned above. This is profit earned for consuming our own product line. And we're not limited to our own household of three coffee drinkers and one product, coffee.

A home-based business certainly has it beginnings in turning a profit from redirecting the family budget and expenditures. But it goes far beyond that allowing for income potential equivalent of a full time job or more. With companies willing to work with this type of direct distribution, now-a-days, you have the potential to distribute electricity, groceries, nutritional products, cosmetics, exercise group memberships, flooring, household appliances, insurance, beyond your own personal consumption, which ultimately means, no more living paycheck-to-paycheck.

A waaAAaay better cup!

When it comes to Starbuck vs. Ourbucks, rather than building the vision of the owners of Starbucks, who openly denounces the magnificent creations of God and God Himself, promoting false religions & sodomy on their cups... (Update: This is from the day when quotes on their cups where quite horrible. Now it take much less, in fact nothing, to upset 'Christians,' which is unfortunate)

We are not happy with Starbucks...nor espouse their vision.

...we are building our family's vision and future by gaining a greater hold on our finances giving us the options we'd not have other wise, hopefully to benefit future generations of God fearing coffee drinkers to come.

We learned these ideas from the following recommended books: Household GOLD & Prosumer Power

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wendy Larson, Certified Natural Health Professional on achieving homeostasis with Plexus products when dealing with an illness

Wendy Larson, Certified Natural Health Professional on achieving homeostasis with Plexus products when dealing with an illness

Personal Health Story: Ehrlichiosis (Lyme co-infection) causing preterm labor and delivery, septic shock. Survived. 9 years of chronic lyme realated: skin rashes, low blood pressure and body temp, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, poor sleep, brainfog, and more. Symptom free using Plexus after two years. 

Tried a lot of different things and many worked for a little while but not long term. 

Three ways to bring the body back to health when dealing with (chronic) illness:

Reduce stress: 
  1. Reign in blood sugar. The body can't handle the highs and lows. Insulin and cortisol need to be balanced or else you'll have swings. Slim drink regulates hormones, which in turn allows adrenals to heal. Managing cortisol is a huge step toward reducing stress in the body. You do that through controlling blood sugars. 
  2. Sugar Cravings. Slim reduces sugar cravings, desire for coffee. Caffiene causes stress on the body.
  3. Slim improves sleep.
  4. Cholesterol, blood pressure, and lipid levels: if they are not all in balance, that is an indication that there is something going on in the body.
  5. Chemical Stressors
  6. Emotional Stressors, Slim helps balance emotions. 
Note: Chronic low temperature means that your body is stressed. Normal temperatures are necessary for the body to fight infection.

Heal the gut:
  1. Probio5 and BioCleanse. ProBio5 - Chronic digestive issues. Immunity is compromised if the gut is compromised making it difficult to fight off illness. Probio5 is a three pronged system. Healthy gut flora (bacteria), antifungal, and Enzymes. 
  2. The gut is an ecosystem. It needs clean water (Our bodies recirculate whatever water there is available, scummy or clean), healthy flora (bacteria) or it will get over run, not function well and harbor germs bad bugs etc.
  3. Enzymes decrease as we age. Enzyme production can be compromised if we've had a gallbladder removed, if you have diabetes, liver problems. Enzymes help break down food and assist in assimilates your food better. 
  4. BioCleanse and Probio5 work like a married couple. Enzymes need a good dose of magnesium in order to function properly. Signs of a magnesium deficiency: chronic headaches, migrains, sleeplessness, Restless leg syndrom, Irritable bowl syndrom (muscles spasms in the digestive tract), heart palpatations.
Note: If excess magnesium is not used; the body eliminates it.  

Nutrients restored in body:
  1. X-Factor multi-vitamin. If you have candida over-growth, you can't assimilate nutrition properly and technically, you are nutritionally starved. Health then breaks down when our cells are starved of nutrients. 
  2. Aloe in X-Factor: helps body absorb 300-400% more nutrients. Aloe helps us utilize slim, Probio5, and BioCleanse. 
  3. B vitamins, great for the brain, for nerves, etc.
  4. No iron in X-Factor?, New Zealand Black Currant is rich in iron. Plant based iron.
  5. Aloe is a taxi driver. If a cell is deficient in one particular mineral or vitamin, aloe will deliver what is needed right to that cell. 
Fast relief: If you have an auto-immune disorder you need to be on fast relief. Many auto-immune disorders are due to a lack of enzyme function. The serrapeptase and the bromaline break down proteins. Many infections are protein based. Severe joint pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis can be due to proteins escaping through a leaky gut, getting tucked away in tissues and joints. Fast relief enzymes find those proteins and break them down creating pain relief. 

Keywords: Diabetes, Thyroid problems, blood sugar, gut health, enzymes, Insulin, cortisol, emotional balance, candida, yeast, candida spit test, birth, anemia, tired, stomach flu, 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Plexus and PCOS

Shelby writes,

When I was 16, I was diagnosed with this terrible disease but at the time, I had no idea what it really meant. Twenty-ish years ago, the information super highway wasn't what it is now. There was no such thing as www dot PCOS killed my hopes and dreams dot com.

I didn't want to talk about it or share about it or care about it, I just wanted to forget about it. For me, my chance of having children was almost non-existent, but as a consolation prize, I'd be rewarded with a prize pack filled with mood swings, hot flashes, painful cycles, oily skin, acne, anxiety, sleep apnea, migraines, insomnia, unwanted hair growth, a precursor to ovarian cancer and an army to protect the fat tissue in my body that would make it incredibly difficult to lose weight. How on earth did I get so lucky?

How do gather enough courage to champion a disease that amplifies the most humiliating details of my life? This is where that little pink drink comes in. Yes, Plexus! (You knew it was coming). I had no idea that my #PCOS had met it's match! By leveling my blood sugar, improving my gut health, and reducing inflammation, the Triplex was doing what the toxic meds the specialists wanted me to take would do, except without the slew of side effects I ended up with from those Rx's.

For the first time in my life, I found a healthy helper that didn't saddle me with more baggage than I started with. I've been able to challenge the prize pack of symptoms. Plexus products have in turn, rallied around me and are now my army against my PCOS symptoms! So I take this leap of faith in sharing my story to raise awareness that not everyone can just eat healthy, exercise and lose weight in order to be healthy. It starts with health from the inside out! For me, it's being Plexus healthy!

For more information email or visit

Friday, August 28, 2015

What is Plexus

You're here because you've heard about Plexus, maybe from your friends or family or just around on the web and you're wanting to know, "Just what is Plexus?" 

Plexus is a company that offers natural  health products focused and formulated for supporting different body systems for optimal health. Many ingredient conscious people are finding the formulations very, very, trust-worthy. And they are! You'll see why later.

Plexus is also a company which offers a unique way to earn income, both immediate bread and butter cash, as well as larger long-term income, equivalent to that of a full time salary. The only difference is that it is in a residual form. What does that mean? It means that by building a Plexus business team, you will establish an economic asset that will pay you again and again, even if you aren't working. Sound nice? Listen to what team members Jerit and Kristen Abart think about the Plexus business opportunity.

So, what are these products all about? Maybe you've heard how migraine suffers have benefited from using Plexus. Or that friend of yours who has struggled for years with baby weight or adrenal fatigue is now posting photos of her newly transformed and energetic self. You know her well and you know she's not into gimmicky miracle pills. So what gives? It's all in the products.

For starters, here's a video overview of the full product line just to get you acquainted. Take a look and see. (Note: Some of the product names and packaging have changed but they are still the same great products.)

Plexus products are a system of products that work really well together supporting different body systems; your endocrine system and your digestive system to name a couple. Since our body systems are so intricately connected, when we struggle with one, it often affects us in other areas of health as well. Plexus is proving itself by helping many end that struggle and find balance in their over all health.

Listen to the health testimonial of Jeff Welch, friend of Independent Diamond Ambassador Jerit Abart who has Type 1 diabetes. Jeff's life has been drastically changed by using the "pink drink." Plexus Slim helps keep blood sugar, cholesterol, and lipids at healthy levels.

You know what your health concerns or challenges are. Curious which products will support your efforts to turn your health around? Contact me and I'll connect you to specific information to suit your needs.

Feeling fine? Did you know that Plexus is great for health athletic people too? Plexus products are great for athletes, marathon runners, fitness professionals, and out door adventurists too.

Ready to purchase your Plexus products? Start with a trial pack or a 30-day supply. Either way, you have nothing to lose with the 60-day money back guarantee. It's easy to get started as a Retail or Preferred customer. Just select which ever you'd like and you're on your way. Click here to start shopping now

So, how does someone make money and what does it take to be a Plexus Ambassador? What is so special about how they compensate people? Those are the questions I first asked. Here's what I found out.

Check out these "quick facts" published by Plexus Worldwide.

As it turns out, the start up cost is low ($34.95). I also found out that the work I would invest would be valued and compensated from the start. I'd be able to build it along side my life as it is. The overall long-term compensation has some stability factors built in as well and has the kind of profitability which I was looking for. This well thought out compensation plan is truly different than many others.

Plexus is able to put more immediate bread and butter money in people's pockets quickly, than I have seen elsewhere in my experience over the last 20 years in network marketing.Yes, that's right. 20 years of insider experience has taught me a lot. Plexus has me very excited because establishing the long term financial stability is do-able. Very, very do-able. It not intimidating too. So many regular, everyday people are turning their debt situations around and household budgets finally have more margin built in.

Ready to create some income? Watch the second half of this next video by Natalie Foeller. Begin at 15:27 or watch the whole thing for a more detailed overview of the products as well as the opportunity. In this Plexus opportunity overview you'll learn more about the 11 ways Plexus compensates. Natalie covers the 3 primary areas these payments fall into. Retail Profits & Commissions, Business builder & achievement bonuses, and finally, Profit sharing & bonus tools. You'll also hear about the flexibility and support Plexus along with the training teams offer new Ambassadors to help you create.

So how do you get started?

Visit and click shop or join depending on weather you'd like to buy retail, preferred customer or wholesale.

Signing up is very easy but if you need help, contact me and I'll send you info on the sign up process and help you through it explaining discounted product bundles, auto-ship options and personal vs. business sign ups, so you can launch your own Plexus business today.

I'll also connect you with business building resources and introduce you to our growing team. You'll have all the support you need to launch you business so that you can capture some of those quick start bonuses mentioned above.

Ready to purchase your Plexus products? It's easy to get started as a customer. Click here to start shopping now. You can shop as a retail or preferred customer. Select which ever you'd like and you're on your way.

Looking for more information? Just let me know.  I'm very happy to answer any questions, point you to more specific business and product info, as well as testimonies relating to common health questions, and courses like our online Plexus Virtual Health Conference to help launch you on your way to better health and a profitable Plexus business. Let me know how I can help.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Early morning road trip

We watch everything on the road as we're driving and talk about all we see going on; construction trucks throwing rocks, tire snakes, and the occasional Mario Andretti. This morning it went something like this.

Me: Andrea, put on your cop glasses. I think I need to pull this guy over. 
Andrea: I don't have any cop glasses. What's wrong this time?
Me: Then make those finger circles around your eyes because look at that pipe on the back of that's hopping around. I don't think it's tied down. He's going to harpoon someone and I feel like an endangered species following this guy.
Andrea: Police officers are declining in the public opinion polls. I'm not sure my impersonation will help them any.

The pipe jumps back 20 inches.

Me: I'm turning on the lights. Make a siren noise so we can get this guy to pull over.
Andrea: Okay fine. You drive. I'll tell him.
Andrea: I don't think he can read lips at 75mph. Wave him over.

I wave him over. We pull off the interstate. 

Me: I'm going to go talk to him.
Andrea: No. You stay here. I'll talk to him.
Me: Are you sure? I can go with you.
Andrea: No. Stay here.
Me: Okay fine. Radio for back up if you need me. 

She hops out and tells him. He thanks her and she hops back in. 

Me: What did he say?
Andrea: He said I made a pretty good siren noise now turn off your lights and let's go.

Five minutes later...
Me: That was pretty easy to pull him over. He's lucky we weren't pirates.

Monday, August 18, 2014

SOLD: A Searle Classic

This Full length cashmere coat with beautiful Norwegian Fox Fur Collar and cuffs, is a Steve by Searle label, and can be easily worn with a jacket or chunky sweater beneath. Perfect for Autumn / Winter nights out on the town or a evening at the Opera.

Spliced princess cut seaming makes this coat perfect for any body type.

Email for more information and to purchase.